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The Hilti MP-L-I pipe clamp is designed for fast, simple and reliable installation across the full range of light duty applications.

Hilti MP-L-I pipe clamp

Our new pipe clamp brings together several innovations that deliver real jobsite benefits. The combination of design optimizations with the flexibility of having a pipe clamp that can carry all pipe diameters and materials, offers you a perfect solution for your daily work!


Working with traditional pipe clamps can be a tricky business. Getting the pipe into the clamp and having the fastening points line up correctly sometimes means two hands are not enough. Our new secured hinge opens widely, up to 180°, and holds its position while you position the pipe. The single fastening screw clicks directly into place every time, meaning the clamp can be easily closed and tightened with just one hand – even with your eyes closed.


We have made it easy for you to choose our pipe clamps: you can use a single model to cover the entire clamping range from 10 mm right up to 170 mm, with no gaps! Whatever the diameter, whatever the material, the MP-L-I will do the job.


We are always looking for ways to help make your jobsite safer and your work easier. The safety flap on our new pipe clamp prevents it from reopening unintentionally while you get your pipes into place. And if you do need to open the clamp again, simply loosen the screw and flip down the flap.


Flexibility comes built-in with the MP-L-I clamp thanks to its double M8/M10 connection head. If reduced height is required, a basic version with just the M8 connection head can be used. It’s the perfect companion for Hilti channel systems (MM and MQ) and supports mount spacing of up to 3 m. 


Our pipe clamps will work across the complete range of light duty applications, from fresh water and heating to waste water and beyond. The MP-L-I has a geometric profile that’s designed to maximize rigidity. A rubber inlay, which helps to meet sound reduction requirements, is glued to the clamp. This prevents the inlay from falling out during transportation, handling of the pipe clamp or while adjusting the pipe.

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