Screw Fastening

Why you should use our screw fastening systems for interior finishing, decking, siding, sandwich panels and ventilated facades

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing

Our screw fastening systems for drywallers are designed to speed up the installation of drywall boards and to be ergonomic and comfortable to use. We offer a wide range of screws to cover all major interior finishing applications.

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Building envelope


Designed for speed, endurance and high performance

At Hilti we spend a lot of time on the jobsite. It’s where we get our inspiration to create innovative tools and technologies. Every day all over the world we see the applications you’re working on and the challenges you face.

Our ‘Racing Tip’, ‘Perfect Sealing’ and ‘Speedy’ screw technologies are just a few of the innovative solutions we’ve designed to make screw fastening faster and more reliable. All accompanied by approvals or test reports – so you know just how daring you can be.

Explore more of our wide range of solutions for fastening – from direct fastening to ventilated facades.

Constructing composite beams using Hilti shear connectors

Fastening Systems for Sandwich Panels

A wide range of tools, bits, screws and accessories for fastening sandwich panels - our screws can be used in all typical corrosive environments

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Fixing gratings and checker plates with Hilti direct fastening tools

Fastening Systems for Decking

Screw fasteners and tools for fixing decking, including the Hilti DX fully automated powder-actuated tool and Hilti SDT 5 – designed for speed and productivity, ergonomic with no need for bending

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Fixing electrical elements to steel with Hilti direct fastening tools

Fastening Systems for Siding

A range of screw fastenings for inner and outer sheets – for areas that are exposed and not exposed to the weather

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Hilti fasteners for earthing, bonding and lightening protection

Fastening Systems for Ventilated Facades

A wide range of screw fasteners, tested and approved for ventilated façades, which are highly resistant to corrosion and can carry high loads

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