The Hilti SJD 6-A22 and SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaws, featuring a hoop handle and barrel grip, are as powerful as ever but much easier to handle

Hilti SJD 6-A22 and SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaws

Most cordless jigsaws available today either lack sufficient power or are too difficult to handle when you cut through wood, metal or drywall.  But with the introduction of our new jigsaws you won't even know you're working with a cordless tool when it comes to cutting power.

An upgrade in handling and design

Designed to give you more control and stability

Hilti SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaw with barrel grip

SJT 6-A22 cordless jigsaw

The T-handle (barrel grip) on this model, with its redesigned extra-slim grip and lower center of gravity, makes it easier and more comfortable to manoeuvre, even if using the tool upside down.

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Hilti SJD 6-A22 cordless jigsaw with hoop handle

SJD 6-A22 cordless jigsaw

Like the T-handle, the D-handle (hoop handle) model comes with a one-hand blade change mechanism, LED lights and fast blade stop. The unique activation switch is an added operational feature.

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One battery platform

Both jigsaws are compatible with Hilti's 22V battery platform, so they can run off the same power supply as your other cordless tools. That makes them easier to manage when working long days.