Hardware innovations and our supports selector make installations more productive and safer than ever

Hilti push buttons being used to assemble MQ strut channel framing

Service installations require a lot of time and manual work, and remain some of the most labor-intensive stages of any project. Even a mid-size office building contains miles of pipes held in place by thousands of strut channels, brackets, pipe rings, threaded rods, bolts and clamps. Jobsite managers and installers face an endless variety of parts to choose from, followed by days of manual assembly. 

Our innovative installation offering combines new hardware, fire-certified parts and an MEP supports selector into one complete solution for all piping and ductwork. Hilti provides technical support from start to finish, making the result safer, future-proof and your time on site more productive.

Taking your installation to the next level

Hilti installation hardware being used to hang pipe from ceiling-mounted strut channels


The new MQ hardware (adjustable, pre-assembled components) brings unprecedented speed, flexibility and productivity gains to your jobsite.

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Jobsite professional using the Hilti mechanical, electrical and plumbing supports selector

Online supports selector

Our online selector proposes solutions customized to your exact needs. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) modules can now easily be ordered online. You can export the details of the typicals easily in PDF, PROFIS and CAD formats.

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Hilti MQ strut channels being tested for fire resistance

Fire certification

We have introduced fire-tested installation configurations and new guidelines for fire resistant design, allowing you to meet higher safety requirements while also increasing productivity.

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How we support you from start to finish

Next Level Installation in practice

  • We'll make the choice for you

    With the MEP supports selector, we make it easier for you to choose from the endless list of small components by grouping them into typicals. Just enter your requirements and the selector presents a range of solutions at different price and performance levels. A tedious, tricky task can be completed in a fraction of the time. The tool helps you keep costs and scheduling under control too, by diminishing the need to over-order or correct mistakes. You can order your chosen solution directly from the selector.

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  • Pre-assembled components

    Overhead work with thousands of individual components is fiddly, frustrating and slow. The push button, pipe ring saddle and connection component come pre-assembled, dramatically increasing productivity. This newfound convenience really comes in useful when working at height - with pre-assembly, there is no time lost searching for dropped pieces.

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  • Flexibility is key

    Our installation components are adjustable, making changes a quick and easy process. Simple mistakes no longer mean lost time: most components support tool-free, rapid modifications.

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  • Fire-certified installation system

    After extensive testing, our fire-certified push buttons are making installation work more convenient, safer and flexible. Thanks to the new approvals the finished installation will comply with the required higher safety standards.

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Experience next level installation in action

Hilti MEP supports (typicals) selector in use in the field

Calculation service

Hilti Engineers are available to assist you from the very start, to support you in the design and implementation of your installation.

We’ll crunch the numbers so you don’t have to
Hilti MP-L-I pipe rings in various sizes hanging from MQ strut channel

MP-L-I pipe rings

Our innovative pipe clamp brings together several innovations that deliver real jobsite benefits.

Reliability, simplicity and speed in light-duty installation work