How to fix modular support systems, gratings, checker plates, shear connectors and more

Our fastening solutions for metal and steel are used on some of the toughest jobsites in the world. Designed for speedy installation and to withstand vibration and corrosion – all our applications for gratings, electrical connections and steel-concrete decking can be fixed with nails and screws.

Constructing composite beams using shear connectors

Constructing composite beams using nailed shear connectors. Create composite beams out of steel and concrete without the need for welding headed studs.

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Fixing gratings and checker plates

A wide range of corrosion and vibration resistant fastening solutions - without the need for clamping, welding and through bolting

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Fixing electrical elements to steel

Fasten electrical boxes, panels, brackets, cable trays, cable ladders and other electrical elements to steel. Our fasteners are also compatible with Hilti modular support systems.

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Electrical connections

Fasteners for earthing, bonding and lightening protection

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